What can we really expect?

the process of couples therapY

Once you contact me, we will talk on the phone for about 15 minutes so we can both decide if my approach will be a good fit.   If you are in a coupled relationship, I will speak have a phone call with both you and your partner.  This helps me prepare for our first session, to give you the most amount of care.

Once scheduled, I will meet with couples together the first session, then with each of you individually for session 2&3, and the remainder will be held together. 

Many couples want to know how long it will be before they start experiencing change. Results vary with each couple depending on your goals, the type of issues you are facing,

how long they have been a problem, and whether or not any trauma or relational injuries (such as addiction or infidelity) are present. 
I strive to help couples quickly move from a state of distress to understanding their relationship in a different light.  It takes time and practice to learn a new way of connecting.

I want to understand more about your experience, what you value, and learn about what is happening in your relationship, that makes you feel disconnected. 

I will challenge you to think differently and deeply about your emotions, actions, and perceptions to build a new way of interaction and closeness.  

Your old relationship is not working, let's build something new together.     


Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy 

Bachelors of Arts in Sociology Minor in Marriage and Family Studies