ATtachment Focused Recovery 

Attachment theory asserts that humans are programed to be social and to find safety and comfort in having secure connections to others.  I provide therapy through an attachment framework.  Many of the behaviors, feelings, and methods of self protection that we use are to shield us from the hurt of disconnection.  Much of the despair we feel in life is in regards to our own needs, longings, and hurt when we are distance from those we love.    
I have advanced training in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, a proven, effective method, that helps partners to interrupt hurtful relationship patterns, strengthen communication, and create meaningful closeness that is fulfilling and authentic to each individual. Closeness and security are not exclusive to those in a partnered relationship. I also work with individuals who are struggling to accept their own feelings and experiences. I also use an emotionally focused approach with individuals to help them discover, accept, and implement their best selves.

 I truly believe that all people can live their best life with joy and fulfillment given the right tools and understanding.


A crucial factor in the success of therapy is the connection between therapist and client. 

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Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy 

Bachelors of Arts in Sociology Minor in Marriage and Family Studies